What do you collect?

I collect hair. My own hair before y'all begin to think I'm creepy. I can't really say what spurred it but for five years now I've been collecting my hair. Whenever I comb my hair, I pack the ones that fell out together and dump in a jar. I have two jars now and I'm … Continue reading What do you collect?


The African Pride.

#Doyouknow that before head gears became ornamental head coverings and fashion accessories, they were part of Africa's root culture, representing marital status and social standing? #Doyouknow wearing the African head gear is an affirmation of the African heritage? #Doyouknow headgear has been linked to ancient Egypt, Numbian Empire and West Africa, worn by priets, kings … Continue reading The African Pride.

Top five places I’d like to visit.

Italy Italy is everything for me. From their cuisine to the wine to the numerous historical sites, Italy has stolen my heart. I don’t know but it’s just a classy place to be. I started teaching myself Spanish a couple of years ago but I gave up. It was too complicated for my small brain … Continue reading Top five places I’d like to visit.

I’m Back.

Hey guys...it's been a while. I had to take a sort of break. I literally broke down. *tears skin from face* I didn't stop writing though. I just needed a break from the blog and all. I juggle an 8-6 that involves me churning articles on a daily, I have two book projects at hand. … Continue reading I’m Back.

#30daysofme – Day 5 Pictures of me and friends.

This is my best friend. It's really crazy how we've been together for six years and only have three pictures together. *rme* who does that? πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’ My padi padi and ex workout partner. I miss conquering those kms with you. But life must go on. 😭😭😭 My daba daba and twin sister. We are birthday … Continue reading #30daysofme – Day 5 Pictures of me and friends.

#6wordstory – 11/5

Learn to respect people's spaces. If someone offers you an handshake, don't help yourself to the whole arm. Nobody likes to be chocked.

My brain functions like a power point slide.Β 

Okay. The honest truth is, I am very forgetful and I have a very, very short attention span. It's a lot of work to really get my attention. I'm staring at you and nodding could just be me trying not to make you feel like a radio. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚My brain soaks information up and then tucks … Continue reading My brain functions like a power point slide.Β 

#30daysofme : Day 4 – My day in bullets.Β 

Woke up 4:20am. Got to work 5:55am. Prayed and had two cups of black coffee to wake my body system up.  Juggled uploading blog posts, a writing project and company work all morning. Had brunch after I almost collapsed in pain. I was so engrossed in what I was doing I kept ignoring the sharp … Continue reading #30daysofme : Day 4 – My day in bullets.Β